Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New vase....

Ordered a nice looking bong from the GrassCity online headshop. The transaction went smoothly and I received my piece in a week. The box was packed well and had no evidence of being paraphernalia. 

If you're looking for a surprisingly good bargain on a bong,
check out GrassCity - highly recommended:

We call them bongs where I'm from, water pipes if you're talking on the down-low.
Apparently people smoke tobacco out of bongs, sounds rotten to me, I prefer buds.
Beautiful buds. Smoke something.

There's like another foot of straight glass until the mouthpiece, she's pretty large. I call it 'Tesla' because of the bumps. The figure of the piece reminds me of the Russian's Tesla Coil in Red Alert 3.
She's great.  I would recommend a nice water bong to any marijuana enthusiastic. Stay safe.


  1. You should see my bong. 4 perkilators :D

  2. For some reason, I see that getting broken.

  3. awesome looking bong, it does kinda remind of the Tesla coils from c&c. followed

  4. I'd like to have a bong. D:

  5. It does look like the Tesla Coil. If I still smoked I would definitely be jealous.

  6. Damn that is a pretty piece of Glass, good to know of at least one good, discrete, online shop, thanks! :]